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Homework Tips


Homework Tip #1:

Set up a study Area

To do homework successfully, a student must have a place at home in which to work.  The study area must be well lit, quiet, and have all necessary supplies close at hand.  The study area should accommodate the student’s particular learning style.  Or example, if the student needs absolute quiet to concentrate, nobody else should be allowed in the area while the student is doing his homework.


Homework Tip #2:

Create a homework survival kit

Students can waste a lot of time in last-minute frenzied searches for homework supplies.  Parents can put together a homework survival kit for their child that contains all the usual materials the children might need to complete their homework assignments.  Theses materials can include pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, paper, ruler, scissors, and glue.

Homework Tip #3

Schedule daily homework time

Probably the touchiest homework issue students deal with is finding the time to do homework.  Every parent knows that kids will find time for sports, TV, and talking on the telephone, but somehow time runs out when homework needs to be done.  Parents can help their children schedule daily homework time and get them to stick to it.  It is best if the student is encouraged to do her homework as soon as possible after school and at a time when parents are available to help if necessary.


Homework Tip #4

Encourage children to work independently

Homework teaches students responsibility.  Through homework, students learn skills they must develop if they are to grow to be independent, successful adults.  Parents should encourage their children to work on their own.  In other words, parents should only offer help once all resources for independent work have been used.  Parents should encourage their children to use reference books and dictionaries to collect information.  Parents should encourage their children to call a friend with questions before they ask parents for help.  Attempting to use resources other than a parent to complete homework will help the student to develop creative problem-solving skills.


Homework Tip #5

Motivate children with praise

Because children need encouragement and support from the people whose opinions they value the most, praise is the best motivational tool parents can use.  Consistent praise can increase a child’s self-confidence, develop a sense of pride in personal achievements, and motivate him to do the best work possible.


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