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Spring 2018 Online Activities/Athletic Registration
Parents are highly encouraged to follow this process online. If parents choose come to the Activities Office to register their child, a laptop or computer will be available for registration. Fees can also be paid online.  If you prefer to pay by check (written to ISD 813) or cash can be dropped off at the Activities Office.

ONE Sir Simon Canterville Ghoul Ben Gardner  
ONE Virginia Human  Haley Martin  
TWO Lord Cecil Human  Alex Schimbeno  
TWO Mr. Horace Otis Human  Jeffrey Mund  
TWO Mrs. Lucy Otis Human  Monica Wohlers  
TWO Pam Otis Human  Madi Dwelle  
TWO Wendy Otis Human  Emma Hamilton  
TWO Vicar (Mr. Dampier) Human  Eric Deegan  
TWO Madam Balaklava Human  Emma Cavanagh  
TWO Martin the Maniac Ghoul  Nate Jasso  
TWO Hester the Horrid Ghoul  Alexa Burkholder  
TWO Lord Jack the Scoundrel Ghoul Nate Martin  
TWO Lady Joan the Graveless Ghoul  Ellie Haeska  
TWO Vampire Duke Ghoul Wyatt Becker  
TWO Vampire Duchess Ghoul  Morgan Pavelka  
THREE Hairless Hattie Ghoul-in-training Lia Spence  
THREE Lady Canterville Human  Olivia Renelt  
THREE Mrs. Umney Human  Michelle High  
THREE Jennie Human  Kelsey Heise  
THREE Weeds Human  Riley Huppert  
THREE Mrs. Dampier Human  Sarah Ziebarth  
THREE Mrs. Midwinter Human  Mariah Poss  
THREE Mrs. Musgrave Human  Cheyan Koehler  
THREE Mrs. Middlebrook Human  Makenzie Fiedler  
FOUR Villagers & Servants = variety Human  Jade Cedar
Jae Shingleton
Katie Gilman
Gracie Fitzsimmons
Jayden Borgschatz
Mackenzie Randall
Autumn Curry
Hunter Briggs
Alex Kurth
Cole Lundell
Isabel Dwelle
Gus Schwen (?)
Zach Peterson (?)
Shane Siewert (?)
Grant Gilman (?)
EXTRAS Techies Human  Cora Fitterer (Hair/Make-up)
Beth Peterson
Daniel Sanchez
Christian Oeltjen
Michael Billy
Arianna Carlson
Anna Walker
Jack Bremer
Noah Devan
Kaitlin Ackerson
Sabrina Vermeersch
Kaleigh Johnson
Isabell Koehler
Ellie Lindow
Erin Lichtglau
Katherine Langfield
EXTRAS Stage Manager Human  Kaylee Beier  
EXTRAS Student Managers Human  Alexa Burkholder
Hayley Martin
Contact Info
Superintendent's Office
(651) 345-2198
300 South Garden Street
Lake City, MN 55041

Lincoln High School
(651) 345-4553
300 South Garden Street
Lake City, MN 55041

Lincoln Attendance
(651) 345-4472

Lincoln High School Fax
(651) 345-5894
Bluff View Elementary 
(651) 345-4551
1156 West Lakewood Ave.
Lake City, MN 55041

Bluff View Attendance 
(651) 345-4528

Activities Director
(651) 345-2850
300 South Garden Street

Community Education 
(651) 345-7006
300 South Garden Street