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Spring 2018 Online Activities/Athletic Registration
Parents are highly encouraged to follow this process online. If parents choose come to the Activities Office to register their child, a laptop or computer will be available for registration. Fees can also be paid online.  If you prefer to pay by check (written to ISD 813) or cash can be dropped off at the Activities Office.

The Academic Record

It is important to understand the following information as the student progresses through high school:


A transcript is the official high school cumulative record. Although the appearance of the high school transcript varies from school to school, all transcripts generally contain the following information: - courses, grades, credits, attendance for each grade level completed, beginning with grade 9 - current cumulative grade point average and class rank - expected graduation date - test data (i.e.BST, GRAD, MCA, ACT SAT, etc.)


Please turn in a written request to the Guidance Office at least 10 school days prior to the application mailing deadline. An “official” transcript is usually required for college applications, most scholarship applications and is needed by auto insurance companies. “Official” copies require a counselor signature and school seal and should be mailed directly from Guidance. Unofficial transcripts are issued for a student’s own use.


GPA is the average of a student's semester grades, starting with the freshman year. At Lake City High School a traditional grade point average systems. - The traditional system consists of a 4.0 scale where an A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1. If a student has all A's, he/she will have a 4.0. If he/she has earned A's in half of the classes and B's in the other half, he/she will have a 3.5 GPA. The traditional system is used in determining school/district graduation recognition and scholarship awards.


Class rank determines where a student stands academically in his/her graduating class, based on his/her GPA. The student who has the highest GPA is number one in the class, the student with the second highest GPA is number two, etc. If 11 students have a 4.0 GPA, they will be ranked as #1 and the next highest GPA will be ranked #12. It is therefore necessary to have a high GPA to have a high class rank. Class rank is shown on the transcript with the student's place followed by the total number in the class (e.g. 150/295).


Credit Requirement Checklist

Transcript Request Form: Release of Student Records

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